Obstetrics Fellowship

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Our Fellowship Program is a 12 month experience caring for normal and high risk pregnancies. Participants get excellent experience working with common OB problems like Diabetes, Hypertensive conditions, and Thyroid Disease. Fellows actively care for patients on Labor and Delivery units, High risk OB clinic, in-house antepartum and post-partum patients and have additional exposure to common gynecological conditions. The Fellowship offers plenty of operative experience in C-sections and Tubal Ligations.

This Fellowship is run by the OB/GYN department of the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin. Supervision is provided by OB/GYN faculty who attend the clinics and are available 24 hours a day for labor and delivery. Fellows work concurrently with OB/GYN residents; the two programs share the workload for most service lines within the department. The working relationship between Fellows and Residents is excellent. Ultrasound training is an integral part of the Fellowship. This is obtained in several clinics dedicated solely to ultrasound, some of which are supervised by Maternal-Fetal-Medicine faculty members. Additional experience is obtained on L&D or in High Risk OB clinic.

New in 2011, we have incorporated ALSO (Advanced Life Support for Obstetrics) training into the fellowship curriculum. Additionally, interested fellows are encouraged to obtain the ALSO instructor certification during the fellowship year. These skills are then put to use training the new Ob/Gyn residents in June and is useful to fellows after the fellowship ends.

Fellows participate in Gynecology Clinic where they see patients with common menstrual cycle complaints, learn management of abnormal paps through colposcopy, biopsy, and/or LEEP procedures. The Gynecology Clinic is also where we follow patients who are having issues with early gestation and all post-operative wound checks.

There is an expectation that Fellows will function as teachers for medical students, the OB/GYN Residents, and/ or faculty. The Fellows give lectures on primary care topics to Residents and students in addition to promoting learning in informal settings as well.

Past graduates from the Fellowship program are currently working as faculty in Family Practice teaching programs, in mission work for underserved areas all over the world, and in communities that need OB-trained FP’s. Fellows keep a detailed case log which greatly supports and documents their experience. Graduates of the Fellowship in general have been quite successful at getting privileges often including surgical procedures. There is no research requirement during the Fellowship year. Interviews are typically conducted in the fall each year. Acceptances to become a Fellow are offered after interviews and department review. It is not necessary to do a rotation with us nor have extra OB experience beyond what a normal FP residency program provides. Successful candidates have strong desire to learn more OB skills and utilize them in their future practice. This Fellowship prepares graduates to function well in smaller community hospitals and as a resource of knowledge and experience of a scope beyond what can normally be obtained in Family Practice residency alone.

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